The “Dichotomy of Woman” is a phrase I began using several months back. Whilst talking with Cowboy, I was getting exceedingly frustrated with having to explain how women wear thirty different hats, usually have more personalities than Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde (or, Ms. Hyde, rather) combined, and seem to balance this all under one facade.

You see, my observation is this: women have many roles to play and this, thus, helps create this dichotomy. By definition, dichotomy means division by two. So I suppose I could take it down to basic levels.

A Woman must be strong yet gentle (think old Garth Brooks song That Summer: “I watched her hands of leather, turn to velvet in a touch…”). She must be tough yet tender (whose mom hasn’t used the phrase “tough love” with him or her before?). She must be both independent and dependent. She must flirt and be coy.  She must be intelligent without being too smart. And she must caring without being clingy.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, but it is an exhausting list.

So where does this leave Woman? And for whom is all this two-sided line-toeing being done? I seem to be griping, here, but really I’m not.

You see, this is the beauty of the Dichotomy of Woman. Regardless of who this is all for, Woman can pull it all off without thinking about it. It’s part of her being. It’s an essential and innate quality that she bears. She knows no differently.

And while it may be exhausting at times, it really is a beautiful balance and an incredible, distinguishing feature of the ones blessed with XX chromosomes.

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