So New Guy and I got into the discussion tonight. In fact, he brought it up.  And I know it’s been quite some time since I’ve gone racy, so here goes…

A year ago I penned my thoughts on the female orgasm. But tonight, I will take one step further: The female ejaculation. I first learned of this phenomenon from Samantha on Sex & The City. In fact, Kim Cattrall has even taken it a step further and now writes books on the subject.

Most women are comfortable knowing how to attain a basic orgasm (with or without her partner’s help). But what about this elusive concept known as the female ejaculation? Is it possible? Or is it a thing of lore?

Don’t get me wrong; the pursuit of this grand notion would probably be fun and worthwhile, but is it the search for El Dorado?

I would like to think that women can attain this mythical achievement. We are strong, talented creatures. And many of us are fortunate to have earth-shattering, toe-cramping orgasms. So why wouldn’t it be possible?

Or is it physically impossible? Can the woman’s body contract and spasm so much that ejaculation is possible?

Well… it is the woman’s body… anything is possible.

And as an afterthought… New Guy just brought up the question: what exactly is ejaculated if one does, in fact, experience the female ejaculation?

One thought on “Taking It To a Higher Level (Female Anatomy Discussion)

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