Undesirables. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and scents. For instance, shag carpeting in an apartment may be an undesirable. Or an apple with a bruise on one side. Undesirables may be changeable or they may be permanent. But what are some undesirables that blight people, or more particularly datable people?

I know we all have our “list” … the things were prefer NOT to have in a dating person. Some would consider smoking an undesirable trait in a dating pool. Others may consider prior-established family (ie: children) an undesirable. Or pets. Or cleaning habits. Or even obsessive-compulsive shoe organization. These all may be undesirables.

But what about owning a home? This one may be viewed differently depending on the gender-owner. What if a single, dating woman owns her own home? Is this an undesirable because she appears already “established”?

Or what about an advanced degree? Is it undesirable to court someone with more or higher degrees than yourself? Or do you embrace this and recognize that person’s drive?

Or what about a demanding job or co-dependent boss? Is it undesirable to date someone who puts in long hours? Or do you accept that this is of his or her choosing and enjoy the time you do share?

These are just a handful of the concerns that the modern, single, successful, young woman will face in her lifetime. And while these may be undesirable to some, to others they may not even be a shadow upon the light that is that person.


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