So, this was scheduled to be posted 12 hours ago. But thanks to a fantastically wild Spring storm, the cable definitely had struggles this morning. So without further adieu…

In sixth grade, we were asked what was it that let us know that Spring was here? At the time, I sat next to Josh Lindsey, on whom I also had a crush; his answer was the Hudson’s 13 Hour Sale. (This is pre-Macy’s, pre-Marshall Field’s department store days). I don’t remember what my answer was, nor anyone else’s in class.

But today I heard for the first time one of the things that reminds me of Spring: peepers. It’s the soft chorus that begins just before dusk, and also early in the morning, a sort of ‘peeping’ sound. I don’t know what peepers really are; I think some sort of tree frog variety. But tonight, for the first time this year, I heard the peepers.

Peepers are a big sign of spring for me. For others, it’s March Madness (I’m currently 3rd from the bottom in my office pool), or the sighting of a Robin, or the time change.  But informal symbols and Congress-playing-God aside, Spring officially began yesterday with the vernal equinox (at least up here in the northern hemisphere). But not every vernal equinox falls on the 21st. In fact, this is a rare one in relation to surrounding years, where the 3 preceding and at least the 7 following all occur on the 20th.

But March is a tumultuous month… perhaps following it’s namesake Mars, the Roman god of war. The Ides of March [which should have been last week’s blog… all apologies for missing that one] commemorate the middle of the month on the Roman calendar and are heralded as an ominous warning of impending doom (the night Caesar was killed by his own senators after being warned by a visionary). And something sounding very Farmers’ Almanac-ish says that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.  Stormy and nasty in the early part and warm and nice toward the end of the month? Perhaps. Apparently that one has more to do with astronomy than meteorology.

Anywho… spring rolled into 2007 officially yesterday. But what signifies spring for you? Do you go strictly by the Groundhog’s prediction? Or do you stick to the calendar? Or, do you let Mother Nature usher it in?

However you welcome the new season, may you enjoy it and all the wonders it may bring!

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