1. Why do women’s suits have shoulder pads? This isn’t 1986. (Am I the only one bothered by this?)

2. Why does it cost more for women to send their work stuff to the dry cleaners? Ok. This isn’t really a question. I know the “answer.” This is a rant. “They” tell me that women’s shirts, since they are tailored, can’t go through the standard press. And that is why it costs $3.25 to press a woman’s button down shirt, where a man typically pays $1.12. Million-dollar opportunity: create a women’s-shirt press.

3. The men in my office all have these funky little rubber covers for their shoes this time of year. They basically are slippers for the shoes. But what do women have? We don’t. It’s not like we can do a 2-part system… a heel cover and a foot cover. That would be silly. So, instead, we either have to (1) destroy our shoes, (2) wear ugly, old, beat up shoes, or (3) wear boots and carry shoes. Hmmmm. I want the funky rubber things!


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