Readers Beware: we’re going old school… back to some of my more naughty blogging days.

There’s no gentle way to introduce this topic, so let’s jump in. Face it: Size matters. Men, you will likely take a C-cup over an A-cup on the same body any day of the week. And Ladies, I know your answer already.

One girlfriend (we’ll call her Kathy) entered uncharted territory with her new man this past weekend. Pictures I’ve seen of this guy are quite promising… he’s good looking, he takes great care of his body, he’s well kept. But looks aren’t everything. Kathy soon informed me that you can’t judge a book by the cover and not everything on his body was as well proportioned as those chiseled pecks. And the worst part was that he had performance anxiety most likely related to it.

So is this God’s way of evening the score? A year ago next week, my first blog appeared and I asked the question “What is the “O” for?” [See Feb. 23, 2006 for a refresher]. Women get short-changed in this arena more often than not. While our O’s may be earth-shattering and toe-cramping, they are also far more difficult to achieve than our male counterparts’ (and ours aren’t necessarily guaranteed). So does God give we women the proverbial leg up when it comes to our more intimate regions?

I say this because women can physically alter their breasts. Even the A-cup can put muscle behind her breasts and give them a little boost… or with the help the right doctor, become a more natural looking female figure. In my small realm of girlfriends, a whopping 3 have had augmentation of some sort before age 25. And each look amazing with their new proportions.

But men don’t have this option. At best, you have the penile implant, but to my knowledge, the options associated with this are not much more than risky trickery and the source of unbelievably crazy lore. Sure, you can implant a testicle for physical appearance, but at the end of the day (as Mary’s Dad in “There’s Something About Mary” asks) is it the frank or the beans?

And not all men are created equal. Two very similarly statured men may be very differently endowed. Like women, no two are alike. But women can change this. With a quick stitch (and the aid of Dow Corning), those two women could be twins.

So is this God’s way of helping women out? We may not sing the praises of “O” every time, but at least we can work with the beauty God gave us.

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