I think somewhere in our mid-20s we really start to come into our own. We, as individuals, truly begin to blossom into the people other people see (and often remember).

Cowboy was telling me the other week that his best friend is now ex-best friend because she refuses to believe that he has grown out of his high school troublemaker ways. Of course, I’m sure we all have periods we wish we could redo, but the glory is that we can, and often do, change. And I think it’s somewhere in the mid-20s that the true, self-aware, independent self emerges.

Before I set off on this adventure, my oldest friend (and essentially a woman who served as a second mother) told me that she was really proud of the woman I have become. I was very flattered and responded that I wouldn’t be where I am today but for her and the other strong people in my life. And I think that has a great deal to do with who we become. We are influenced on all sides by both good and bad forces and it really is left to be seen how was channel those influences and put them to use.

I sit here in Dallas this morning and think about what got me to where I am today. This, of course, begins with a self-inventory, taking stock of who I am. I am an independent, considerate, thoughtful woman (or so I would have myself believe).

But how did I get here? I look back into my last 26 years and see a great deal of support, independence, and strength from my mom. I see a dedicated work ethic, complements of Dad. I see a persevering aunt who successfully overcame her breast cancer. I see a second mother who, in her mid-50s, opened and is successfully running her own business. I see close friends who stand near and refuse to see me for anything but who I am.

I am fortunate to have the influences in my life that I do, for without them, I wouldn’t be who I am today. And to them, I say Thank You.

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