Ok, seriously. Who determines what is “good” and “quality” on the radio anymore? CES, I know this blog will speak to you; and please, feel free to edit as needed because you are much more knowledgeable than I.

But I digress. So I hit 103.3 the other day (quite by mistake). And for those of you outside the listening area, let’s just say that it’s tweendom at its worst. I think the set list for the 22 minutes of the hour they played music included (if I had to guess) one of the Hilton girls, maybe the little Simpson sister, and maybe even Snoop trying to help out a struggling Akon.

Regardless of who it was, I couldn’t tell one from another, and NOBODY could carry a tune.

A quick view of the Billboard Hot 100 today tells me I’m old. I recognize about half of the people on there, and I am almost embarrassed to give Justin Timberlake kudos for his staying power. It’s ridiculous. I would liken a lot of these people to being one-hit-wonders, or even worse: people who bought their way into music (ahem, Ms. Hilton) and nobody is bold enough to break the news that they can’t carry a tune.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like new(er) things/people. And some can even sing! The little girl who plays Hannah Montana can actually rock. And Christina Aguilera has got quite the set of vocals. And The Fray, The Killers, Nickleback, etc. are doing fine.

But seriously, there should be some sort of reality check for people who have dreams of making it to the Grammy’s as a nominee.

Oh wait. There is. It’s called American Idol.

So, yes. I am probably sounding fuddy-duddyish by now. But c’mon; U2 has been performing #1s longer than half these people have been alive. And Jimmy Buffett has produced more top-selling albums in his lifetime than some of these new people will sing songs. And The Boss is still the boss. And Madonna will always be the Queen of Pop (and then some).

Maybe all I am asking for is a little staying power. Or maybe some actual (gasp) talent. But whatever it is, I do feel a little bad for these newcomers… I mean, the attrition rate is worse than the Weight Watcher’s women during Girl Scout cookie season.


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