Being comfortable in your own skin is sometimes easier said than done. Particularly when people like Nicole Richie, the Olsen girls, and Ukrainian model Snejana Onopka are still lighting up the screens and runways. And most of the reverb I hear about the addition of Sara Ramirez’s character (Dr. Callie Torres) on “Grey’s Anatomy” is along the lines of disapproval that someone of her size is on the show, often showing herself quite comfortable in her own skin.

But this is an age-old quandry for most people. And I say people, because just this week, the media is reporting that (*gasp*) men have image issues also. And while it is blatantly easy to rip on the uber-thins, that’s not what today is about. Today is about being comfortable in your own skin.

Today I celebrate Sara Ramirez who not only has the fortitude to join the cast of America’s hottest tv series, but to do so, dancing in her skivvies on national television. And she follows Katherine Heigl’s (Dr. Isobel Stevens) bold baring in an earlier season where more than a few jaws dropped and commented on her curves.

Today I celebrate Cindy Crawford who commanded the runway (as a true super-model) throughout most of the ’90s with curves, not ribs, showing.

Today I celebrate Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Jessica Simpson. I sing praises to them for being a healthy gorgeous.

Today I celebrate Reese Witherspoon, Kate Winslet, and Annette Bening for acting on their own courage and self worth and showing who they are … not who Hollywood or the paparazzi want them to look like.

And today I celebrate one of the ladies who stepped forward four years ago to show her True Thighs: Jamie Lee Curtis. Most of you probably weren’t reading “More” magazine in 2002. I know I wasn’t. But I did catch the article shortly thereafter because it made news. It made news that a 40-something Hollywood leading lady posed in her underwear, untouched, unmade-up, and au naturale.

Earlier this week, Ms. Curtis was on E! promoting her latest children’s book (she’s been writing for several years now). In the interview, the “More” article was brought up and once again Ms. Curtis held fast to her stance about being comfortable in your own skin … flaws and all.

In a world where the super thin seem to be resurrected in the limelight and where popping Adderall is as commonplace as taking a drink of water, I celebrate the women who are comfortable in their own skin. I celebrate they who can shirk the pressures of the paparazzi and the gossip columnists. I celebrate the ones who eschew pill popping, purging, or starvation in favor of their own health and beauty.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve swallowed a Hydroxycut or two in my lifetime. But I’m also not out there chasing the illusive size 0. I understand that my curves are probably going to be with me for the rest of my life. And I understand that if I wanted to go to extreme measures I, too, could look like Calista Flockhart. But that’s not me. And I’m proud to say that I am comfortable in my own skin, flaws and all.

So today I celebrate you, my friends, who are comfortable in your own skin, too. Because you are truly beautiful.

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