Well, it almost seems fitting that I follow last week’s posting with a thought about Autumn. All hail the 3rd Season! The season of harvest! The season of rapidly shortening days and increasingly longer nights! The season of high school and college football games (Friday night lights and Saturday tailgates)! The season of fall, of change, of color, of crisp air!

As previously established, I am somewhat ignorant as to most things scientific. But, from what they tell me, the astronomical autumn (September 23 to December 21) begins three weeks later than the meteorological autumn (September, October, November).

Regardless of what the calendar or stars say, I can tell you that Autumn begins when school starts again. Which generally coincides (here in the upper Midwest) with cool nights and warmish-cool sunny days. The doldrums and laziness of Summer are replaced with refreshing days and beautiful landscapes.

In fact, they also tell me that Michigan is poised to be particularly colorful this year. The “leaf peepers” should be in for a real treat. The best color viewing, in my uber humble and totally unbiased opinion, is along Lake Michigan. Of course, I suppose New England (Vermont and New Hampshire in particular) are nice also. And from what I hear, the Ozarks and the Rockies have their fair share of color too. (And they also tell me that the 14ers have snow snow already… snow that’s staying… which should make for a striking backdrop to the golden aspen trees).

But as we are approaching October, it’s time for my fellow Michiganders (and even y’all in Chicago or the NW corner) to fill up your tanks and head out for some sight-seeing. Michigan color tours are possible on just about any road, any time, anywhere. Granted, you sometimes have to wait for a nice day, but when you find one, go forth! Pack a picnic and a few friends and enjoy our great outdoors.

Don’t miss this year’s color! Before you know it, the snow will be flying here too!

So welcome, Autumn! Thank you for bringing us apple cider, pumpkin pies, good sleeping weather, frosty mornings, Michigan football games, and so much more!


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