As we are quickly approaching the autumnal equinox (which is debatably recognized as either 21 or 23 of September [did the 22 get overlooked here??]), it is time to reflect on Summer 2006.

Summer is a time we usually mark by holidays (Memorial Day through Labor Day), socialize through more gatherings (4th of July, reunions, picnics, weekends on the lake), and generally enjoy outside.

Summer is also brings us some of our more intense thunderstorms, droughts, and hot and sticky days (and nights!).

Of course, in other areas of the world, summer is also monsoon season or the time of white nights. But today, I would like to think about summer in a very geo-centric view, taken from the Midwestern United States.

As a little kid, summer meant no school, endless watermelon, swimming on the lake, and slumber parties. Somewhere in teendom, summer became the time of year of soccer tournaments and horseshows, not enough time between school years, and more swimming on the lake. Throughout the early college years, summer was a time to move home, work a short-term job, and train for soccer season again.

Now (with this year’s craziness as an exception), summer isn’t much different than other seasons. Now, it’s almost a hassle. During the day, it’s too hot for the hosiery and suit, so it makes walking to lunch miserable. And because it is still glorious when you get out of work, it’s almost a tease because you are too tired to actually enjoy being out on that lake.

But with these 40 degree nights lately, and the 50 degree days, I miss summer already. Don’t get me wrong, autumn is my favorite season. But there’s something about summer that I missed this year… hell, it was basically all of it. But when I think about summer, I still think of lazy days, and even lazier nights; open windows and gentle breezes; putzing around the lake; fresh fruit and roadside fruit stands; festivals, barbeques, and picnics.

Yeah, maybe summer isn’t so bad after all. So, with a little tear in my eye, I bid adieu to Summer 2006: I wish I got to know you a little better!


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