Every 5 or 8 years, my family will get a big dumpster (think: the ones you see at building sites) and commence house-purging. It’s a sort of spring cleaning type ritual that happens. And this is usually quite a feat because not only has my immediate family lived here since before my birth, but this house was my maternal grandparents’ before my Mom was born. So needless to say, there’s a lot of stuff around here.

Usually my Dad and I live by the theory that “stuff is good.” But when the spirit moves us, the dumpster arrives and we toss with reckless abandon.

Granted, I’m not technically living in the house at the moment (I am residing in the “Frog” — Free Room Over Garage — the full apartment we have, well, over the garage). However, since I am heiress to all this “stuff” one day, I am taking part in the purging this year so I can save anything I might potentially want down the road.

But this year is a bit different. Instead of just tossing without regard (and we are now on dumpster #2 in less than a week), we are separating out the toss pile into potential eBay items. And, since I am currently a free agent (read: unemployed), we (read: my Dad) have decided that it would be a great project for me to create this massive eBay estate sale.

I must admit, it’s sort of fun to see what you have and what it may be worth. For instance, I started on old childrens’ games recently. One from 1970 named Husker Du (which is essentially Memory) recently sold for $30… and most of the others recently sold are near that in price. Holy Moses, I say! I don’t think it was worth that when it first came out! Merry Christmas us!

But on the other hand, we have this very pristine, hand-carved wooden box with a slider top that holds a picture cube game. Inside are 12 cubes with picture pieces on all sides and, like a puzzle, you arrange them so they form a complete photo. This whole thing is in spectacular condition… and I know it’s pretty old. Last sold on eBay: $1.50. Yikes! That doesn’t look so good!

It’s funny though to see what people are willing to pay for things. I sort of view this as my own personal antiques roadshow, where the bidders are my “experts” and they are telling me what something is worth.

Of course, somebody will probably make off like a bandit with something that we didn’t know the true value of, but I look at it this way: $1.50 is more than I had yesterday and at least someone will enjoy whatever they bought because it would have been tossed anyway.

So this is my project for a while. Art, books, toys, games, antiques. It’s all there and then some. I’ll let you know what surprises me the most. Until then, let the bidding begin!


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