There is really no pun intended by following my last two blogs, particularly the one Not for the Faint of Heart, [and yes, I know… all apologies for it being 2 weeks ago] and their contents with today’s header. They don’t really have all that much in common other than the reader’s own sick mind.

So if you are wondering what the hell I am talking about at this point, no worries: you have a clean mind.

Anywhoo… on to today’s subject. How do you know when you’ve attained the perfect fit?

With shoes, it’s easy. Either it’s too big, or it pinches like hell. In the world of stilettos, even though it may be perfectly sized, it will invariably still hurt by the end of the night regardless.

And with cars, you usually can tell. You sit in several. You test drive a few. And at the end of the day, you wind up with your wheels… usually something a little reflective of your own personality. It’s a good fit.

And people have used that phrase with couples. “They are a good fit.” or “They are a good match.” And why is it so easy to see in others?

But what I really wonder is: how do you know when it’s The Perfect Fit? Of course there is always the quandry of Mr. Right vs. Mr. Right Now, but once you get past the Mr. Right Nows, you are left with a good selection of candidates. Once you’ve found one, how do you know? Sure, you may try several on, or take a few for a test drive, but it’s not as easy as it is with inanimate objects.

Cars and shoes (and clothes and even lipstick) are all easy. Dresses are the best: you just know when you’ve found the right one. But what about men? Or for the other half of my readers… women?

Is it because it’s such a longer commitment? I mean, at 95,000 miles, I’m ready to trade in the 1996 Pontiac for something a little more up to date; or after a heal breaks off, the shoes get tossed. But significant others aren’t that disposable (at least not in my world). So is that why it’s so much harder to determine if Homme du Jour is in fact Mr. Right?

This is another one of those times when I wish I could reach into a hat full of paper slips and pull one out, read it (it says something like: “In 3 months, X will happen; you will do Y; and Z is the result.”) and go about my merry way, waiting for X, Y, and Z.

But until then, I will keep window shopping … because all this trying on only has me more confused about how to find the Perfect Fit (and whether or not I’d know it if I found it).


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