While discussing the deeper meaning of relationships lately with a gentleman friend, he mentioned a book I had never heard of: The 5 Languages of Love. Not quite sure what he meant, I asked him to explain.

Apparently, as this book suggests, people respond differently and need different forms of love (generally one of five so classified by this author). Some people need verbal affirmation, physical touch, acts of service, gifting, or simply quality time.

So that got me thinking. What kind of love do I need? I know I can rule out gifting and acts of service. And I usually become extraordinarily self-aware or bashful with much verbal affirmation. And sometimes I am pretty reserved when it comes to PDA. So does that leave me as a quality time person? Is that all I need to feel loved and fulfilled? Wow. That sounds so simple.

But once I figure me out, how do I go about figuring the man in my life? It’s not like he comes with an instruction booklet: For Love Type, see page 18. Is it a trial and error thing? One week I am overtly physically affectionate, the next week I’m showering him in gifts? Or is this one of those things where I should ask him directly and see if he has done a self-diagnostic?

Anyway, again I am writing on something I certainly don’t know about. BUT, I will be reading this book soon (apparently it’s being overnighted to me at the moment from San Antonio). Until then, like other things relationship, I will just putz around like a blind frog in a swamp and hope a fly lands on my tongue.

All apologies to my regular readers; I know I’m a day late… Hopefully I’ll get back on a somewhat regular schedule soon. Until then, thanks for waiting!


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