I need to open this blog with a disclaimer (egads! I’m practicing law already!): this particular blog is not for the faint of heart, nor the uber prudish.

That being said, let’s delve in. And by no means am I an expert in this field; but it’s something that came upon my radar lately and I am certainly intrigued by it.

Circumcision. There; it’s out there.

We women of western cultures (thankfully) do not have first hand knowledge of being cut in our most nether of regions. But, most men (Jewish or not) have undergone this phenomenon in America.

And what fascinates me more is that it is actually not recommended in some major western medical circles, according to Wikipedia. Yet, I think a survey of most American men would find in significant proportion for the foreskin removal.

But I am still fascinated by more (and this goes in line with much earlier blog about the female orgasm). What is the function of the foreskin… or of circumcision? I know that there is a major religious push to circumcise [and when I use this term, I am referring strictly to male circumcision], and an equally strong societal trend as well. But is it really all that necessary? And it certainly isn’t a recent thing either; apparently it predates most history books, as well.

And as for the actual sexual impact of remaining intact, the data seems to be inconclusive. If anything, a handful of studies suggest that the uncircumcised penis enjoys slightly more stimulation and lesser rates of dysfunction. That being said, how did circumcision come to be the seemingly preferred method of preparing young boys for adulthood? I would think that if it were up to men, they would want all the benefits of more stimulation they could have.

And what about for the sexual partner? Is uncircumcised better (ala the “more the merrier” theory)? Or does it make the partner’s job any more difficult?

But, alas, this is not something on which I am qualified to write. I cannot say I know anything of consequence about this… yet I am fascinated by this centuries-old practice.

Either way, foreskin or not, sex will continue to be enjoyed by men and women alike. Amen.


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