It’s funny how some things evolve. And in the same vein, how some things never really ever die out.

This one came to me as I was walking my dog the other evening. I could see a 20-something guy coming down the road on his little trick-type bike… nothing more than biking down the road. But about the time he got to me, he pulled a wheelie and took an immediate turn in front of me onto another street. I’m not suggesting that this show of display was purely for my benefit, but since he had yet to do anything other than nonchalantly peddle down the road, I could only surmise.

It’s a mating ritual. I have witnessed it while walking by the basketball court at the end of my road, too: a particularly big dunk or serious move combo and shot happen to occur *just as I’m walking by.*

Coincidence? I think not.

Look at the animal kingdom: it’s still quite apparent there. Take for instance, the peacock. Arguably the most dynamic example out there. All that plummage certainly doesn’t help the poor bird fly. Or, for instance, any Discovery channel show about lions, mountain goats, the Betta fighting fish, or just about any other species. They all exhibit some great physical attribute or fight for their own harem (or to take one away from another, lesser, male).

Wikipedia calls this “Display Behavior.” I call it a mating ritual. It apparently hasn’t gone away in this modern age (think keg stands in college, hot sports cars in mid-life, etc.). But is it really necessary? I mean, do we women need it to be impressed or attracted to a guy? Would I have failed to notice a man because he didn’t dunk on the court? And why do men feel compelled to do it? Did out-hooping all your buddies for 2.4 seconds of glory really make you all that superior? Did I stop and ask for your number? Really… what drives this ritualistic behavior?

It’s funny how this part of evolution has failed to die. In the end, however, I’m glad I’m worth fighting for.


3 thoughts on “Mating Rituals

  1. Sometimes I think they act that way more out of habit or some unknown urge rather than in reaction to a specific moment. Just because that’s what they do.

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