Along the way, we often (inadvertently or not) end up hedging our bets. It’s a form of self-protection that we adopt for whatever reason. And self-preservation is not a new topic to be touched upon here—it’s been intermingled among other thoughts.

Hedging our bets. Yes. We are all guilty of doing it. We offset a potential harm by creating a back-up plan, or by seeking out an alternative. If we hadn’t started doing it already, college taught us how to do it efficiently when registering for classes: have at least 2, if not more, other suitable options in case the course fills before you register.

This really is a marriage of two blog thoughts tonight: linguistics, and hedging bets. So here’s how linguistics play in: when a guy phones and says to a girl “I’m really single right now. Baby, you’re the girl I’m calling” invariably this will be taken in two very different ways. So instead of delving into the oh-so tedious waters of Communications Between the Sexes, I will unabashedly sidestep that one and contemplate the next step.

The girl, being recipient of said advance (?), will [by this stage in life] probably … you guessed it … hedge her bets. Self-preservation kicks in to high gear. There are two seemingly contradictory statements being made in that one line: (1) I’m very single… I’m not dating anyone, and (2) since I’m single, let’s hook up.

Ok… so the guy interpretation may be different. But for sake of hedging bets, we’ll deal with the woman’s take.

While something like this is all too tempting, a girl has got to read between the lines. And since exclusive dating is apparently passe, then the next best option is to take this with a grain of salt; perhaps play it for what it’s worth, all the while protecting her own emotional state; and maybe even playing elsewhere, which serves as a good distraction so as to not get too involved.

It’s bet hedging. A girl can’t allow herself to fall so easily for such lines. It’s like putting your last $1000 on Barbaro in the Preakness. Disaster can happen.

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