Over the last few weeks I’ve listened to my law school friends get especially sentimental about graduation and equally sad about leaving Valpo. Some are more distraut than others. And on the morning of my last academic exam ever, maybe I should be too?

I, too, am a bit nostalgic about graduation and not seeing these friends on a daily basis. And I can think back to high school when the Green Day song came out “Time of Your Life” — everyone was so sad and acting as if it were the end. However, I think my perspective is a bit different.

This is simply the beginning. …of something very great to happen. We are on the verge of truly starting our independent, adult lives! Maybe I’m a bit more excited about this than most, but I am so ready!

And of course I will miss my law school friends. But, seriously… with all the weddings this year, we won’t be apart for too long! Jokes aside, there are a great many friends here that are incredible people.

But I think the bottom line is, the better the friend, the more likely you will be to stay in touch. I still maintain active friendships with people from high school and undergrad. Those who we are close to will remain close. And I am certainly not going to miss particular people either. That’s the good thing: you get to move on in life with the good ones, and leave the not so good ones behind.

So to my uber-nostalgic friends out there: don’t worry! We’ll be in touch (hell, I’m living with one of you in a few weeks!). But this is not an end. It is a beginning to a very wonderful, exciting, and new chapter in our proverbial lives, filled with endless possibilities and doors awaiting to be opened.

Go forth and succeed!

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