In no way am I trying to copy the infamous Aaron Karo, but there are a few things I’ve been pondering lately (and just didn’t want to write a full blog on):

-fashion tip to the women: if it’s cold enough to be wearing hosiery, it is also cold enough to not be wearing open-toed shoes. Hosiery + open-toed shoes is just bad taste.

-is it bad that I gave my dog a bath in the do-it-yourself car wash today? He needed a bath and it worked quite well I think. I mean, I didn’t use the soap they have, I just used the hose to “pre-soak” him and then “rinse” after I used his doggy shampoo. I guess I’ll have to wait and see if he develops a skin infection.

-and speaking of dogs, why is it that people assume Rottweilers are genetically predisposed to be evil? More often than not, the owners are the idiots who make their dogs vicious. Granted, some breeds are more prone to being protective, and that is something Rottweilers do, but unless you really piss them off (or they are raised mean by a stupid owner), Rottweilers are just like Labs… only a bit bigger.

-I know there was more to ponder earlier in the week, but alas, I forgot. *sigh*

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