The other day I caught a trailer for “Just My Luck,” a new film due out in a few weeks with Lindsay Lohan and other assorted up & comers. My initial reaction was “oh, that will be cute.” Granted, I won’t rush out to see it in the theaters, but when it comes around to rent, I might pick it up.

And lately, others like that have caught my attention: “Failure to Launch,” “The Family Stone,” “Must Love Dogs,” “The Wedding Date,” etc.

Time-out. I know what you’re thinking: Oh dear… Emily is looking to nest. No, my friends, that’s not the case. I would challenge you to survey the first 10 girls you meet, and odds are 9 out of 10 would want to go see “Failure to Launch” over “Silent Hill” right now.

There’s a reason that so many so-called “chick flicks” are produced each year: women like them! What’s so bad about a movie that makes you happy? That makes you laugh? That is labeled a “romantic comedy”? That lets you leave the theater, go home, and fall asleep with a smile on your face rather than all the lights on so somebody doesn’t ‘get’ you in the middle of the night?

My guy friends groan when I suggest we watch something like this. But at the end of the day, I have to say: guys, when you’re dating a girl, sure it may be fun to be the big, tough hero in the movie theater when she is screaming and whatnot, but I think the night would end all that much better if she were happy, and felt safe, and might even be picturing Matthew McConaughey.

You might even be able to take a lesson from the Matthew McConaugheys, Hugh Grants, and Richard Geres of the world. We ladies do actually get giddy when you bring or send flowers. And many of us will dance around our apartments after a particularly good phone call from you. Let’s face it: the female species does like the little things like this.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do have a somewhat healthy appreciation for scary movies. As stupid as it was, I didn’t sleep well for 3 full weeks following “Saw.” And I scream and jump when the eery music comes on. Basically, I’m the viewer that the scary movie directors want. But it’s exhausting to watch one of those movies. And I don’t like not being able to sleep soundly at night. And I certainly can’t watch these things alone.

So at the end of the day, guys: don’t get upset if a girl wants to watch a “chick flick.” Trust me, in the end, it will probably work out for you better.

2 thoughts on “At the Movies

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