I really tried to stick to Thursday blogging only, but as we can see, this week has been anything but. So… to further add to the exceptional week, I blog Wednesday night about physical attraction.

How does one respond to the questions “Who is your ideal mate?” or “What do you look for in the opposite sex?” or better yet: “What’s your type?”

I haven’t had an answer to this question for years. And I’m not sure that I can actually get to the heart of it without stopping at physical appearances. Because, after all, it is the first thing (more often than not) we notice when we meet/see someone.

It hit me this week, that in a room full (and I mean full) of law-school men, the one guy that struck my fancy was dressed just a little bit differently. While all men were in suits of various cuts/colors/styles (see previous blog on this subject), it was the guy in the khakis, tweed blazer-over a sand wool sweater-over a pink oxford that grabbed my attention.

I think you are all familiar with the look: Abercrombie tried to market it a few years back, but the New Englanders have successfully cornered the market since Phillips Exeter, Andover, and Lawrenceville were granted prepatory status. And yes, this guy also owns madras and seersucker, went to private college (Colgate), and likely played lacrosse.

[If you are still drawing a blank, I recommend renting Dead Poet’s Society, School Ties, or The Emperor’s Club.]

This isn’t the first time this type has caught my eye, either. England, July 2004: 3 collegiate guys were walking up the drive to the Cathedral. Left guy was wearing jeans and a button down shirt (nothing I remember in great detail); Right guy was wearing a suit (again, nothing terribly remarkable); Center guy was in khakis, a navy blazer, and a collegiate-striped tie, carrying a golf-style umbrella (closed, of course).

But back to Colgate guy last weekend. Long before I saw evidence of true prep-dom, I picked him out during competition (where everyone truly was wearing the same black suit, him included) as being “my type.”

Preps radiate something that other preps pick up on. I’m not sure what it is: a fondness for WASPy things (liquor, yachting, fly-fishing, labradors), a casual confidence, an earnest appreciation for things Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Pulitzer, British, LLBean, and classic? Yes, we have a common affinity for these things. And perhaps that’s why people tend to marry within their societal groups… it’s easier to go to an afternoon cocktail party in shocking pink and lime green if at least half a dozen other women are fashioned similarly. And truly not many other people enjoy bloodies before noon on a regular basis.

So what’s my type? I still don’t have an answer. Because at the end of the day, I want to settle with someone who is strong, smart, witty, caring, kind, and fun regardless.

But if it stopped at looks, then any prep will do, thankyouverymuch.


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