I’m not usually one to gripe about shopping or fashion. It’s all something we must endure. And in some small degree, it’s fun because we can express ourselves through our fabric choices.

However, this is where I must take up a soapbox for a moment. Men have: Men’s Wearhouse, Brooks Brothers, and S&K when they need a suit, just to name a few. And not just any suit… each of these places carries an inordinate amount of sizes, styles, fabric, cut, etc.

Do professional women have anything comparable? No.

We don’t have a store dedicated to just suits. What about Ann Taylor, you ask? I respond: they have one line of black acetate-goes with anything-mix and match set. I already have it.

I needed a skirt suit, preferably navy.This is one of the oldest and most traditional or conservative items on the menu and it took nearly 2 weeks worth of looking and phone calling before I finally stumbled upon one last one in a clearance rack at LS Ayres (<— obligatory kudos here to Ayres [not Macy’s yet] for having a viable option).

This gift from the heavens was well received… but it also sat among pink, fray-edged things and blue polka-dotted 3/4-length sleeve items. This may be well and good for the Artist-in-Residence at the local university, but this will not fly in a courtroom.

So once again, *sigh*. The perils of being of a woman in a professional world creep up.

…But maybe this is how I could make my first million… Suits to Suit: All Women’s Suits, All the Time. From Conservative to Creative, We’ve Got You Suited.

One thought on “Perils of the Professional Woman: As if we don’t have enough problems with this already

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