I sincerely hope the old adage is true: like a good wine, women get better with age. It hit me the other day that there are certain things in life that are pretty damn good right now at age 25: I’m not as unstable as I was at 20; I enjoy the smaller things in life considerably more… which I think leads me to be more happy altogether (at this rate, I will never need Prozac); my friendships are deeper and more honest than have been; and orgasms keep getting better.

So really, if things are this good at 25, I’m excited about 30. And how many women can really say that?

But as one of my dearest guy friends pointed out to me tonight, I would need a younger man at that stage in the game, because men lose their libido. To which (after some contemplation) I would counter: we suffered through your sex-crazed late teens and early twenties when it really wasn’t all that good for us, I feel like you could suffer through our 30s and our need/want/desire to make earth-shattering love more often than not.

Which also made me think of 2 of my dearest girlfriends at the moment. Both of whom are 25 and are having lots of sex… not all necessarily good. Will they know when to appreciate it? Or will it be routine and blase at that point for them? While I may not be having 1/4 of the sex they are currently, I am not really upset about this fact because I don’t believe they are really enjoying it. I think it’s sex for sex’s sake. And that’s disappointing.

I’ll be perfectly honest, as things are going right now, I am very much looking forward to meeting my next lover.

11:35 p.m. post-script: To the 30-something men out there, deal with the fact that your women do want to have unbridled, passionate love with you for a good portion of this decade. Because when the next decade rolls around, I know that at least from my perspective, I want my man to continue this journey called life with me… and we can begin our “wiser years” together, hopefully traveling, wine touring, and just relaxing in the glow of life.

But to get to that point, we are likely going to go through a period when really hot sex is on my priority list.

4 thoughts on “Women get better with age

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