To the Guy at the Grocery Store on Valentine’s Day:

Did you really mean to stop at the fish counter and survey the options? I know you had a recipe printed from the computer in your hand, but you weren’t heading toward the counter originally (yes, I did notice). The computer print out told me that you, although not under visible ring, were cooking for someone special. Because, really: who goes food shopping on February 14th with a recipe in hand without someone in mind?

But congratulations to you, or rather your lady-friend. She is lucky to have a guy who cares enough to actually go grocery shopping for a recipe to try to cook.

I digress, though. I did want to tell you that you made me smile. You made me smile in a bashful, not-quite-sure-what-to-say sort of way. You know how you caught my eye and said a little “hi” with a smile when you approached? That was really nice. But what caught me off-guard was when I had taken my order and turned to go, you smiled and said “have a nice evening.” That was amazing. So much so that I was pretty much rendered speechless. All I could do is blush, smile, and walk away.

So thank you. Thank you for reminding me that it’s the little things like that that make a girl feel important. Thank you for smiling.

Very truly yours,

2 thoughts on “To the Guy at the Grocery Store (an open letter)

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