Does the female orgasm serve any purpose? Is it biologically necessary? I mean, the male orgasm is designed to plant swimmers deep into the receiving woman. So what does the female orgasm accomplish?

I have heard that some 10% of all women can’t orgasm. I can sit here and thank my lucky stars I am not one of those women; but in reality, are they missing anything more than a few moments of (albeit amazing) gratification?

Because at the end of the day, every female can fake it like Meg and no one would ever know the difference. (No harm, no foul?) And let’s be honest, ladies, we all have at least once. Which makes me wonder, do those 10%ers fake it every time? Or do they let their partners know up front that it just isn’t going to happen? Which makes me wonder, for a guy, what’s it like to have sex with someone when you can’t even feel their physical response?

So is the female orgasm simply God’s way of keeping a guy happy? I mean, at that point he knows that he has satisfied his woman (insert appropriate pre-cambrian era grunts here) and he can roll over and go to sleep.

Whatever the reason, I am glad to be a 90%er and will continue to enjoy it in hopes of one day understanding just why it is that I orgasm.

2 thoughts on “What is the “O” for?

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